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The Pond Shack NY is your complete provider of koi and pond supplies, as well as bonsai trees located in Rockland County, NY (at Down to Earth Nursery in Pomona, NY). If you have a pond or water garden, we can help you choose the perfect koi, bonsai tree or get the pond supplies you need. If you're looking to have a custom koi pond built, contact us at 845-304-2183 for more information. Our koi for sale are imported from Japanese koi breeding experts, and are specifically selected by us for their distinct coloration, swimming form and hearty quality. The bonsai trees we sell at The Bonsai Shack in are handcrafted in traditional Japanese style. Check out The Bonsai Shack here to learn more about bonsai tree styles.


Throughout this website you will find an abundance of information about our Koi, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls, Bonsai Trees, Koi supplies Pond supplies and much more. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information.


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The Pond Shack Servicing New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Koi at The Pond Shack

Koi for Sale

Koi fish are originally bred in Japan. The Pond Shack has them shiped in here to the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.

Koi Advice and Healthcare

There are many websites and blogs about how to diagnose and treat ill koi in your outdoor pond. However, it is always best to have us come out and take a look at the fish itself/themsleves because we are trained to diagnose and treat fish illness and disease.

Pond Supplies

We offer a full line of pond products and high quality koi fish. Three times per year, we import high quality koi ranging in price between $100 & $10,000. We are a supplier of select koi fish in NY, NJ and CT.

Bonsai Trees and Supplies

We offers a wide selection of bonsai trees and bonsai accessories including Junipers, Chinese Elms, Maples, Redwoods, Boxwoods, Red Pine, Black Pine and many more.

What We Do

Koi Delivery

The Koi for sale that we offer at The Pond Shack are a sampling of what we can order and import from various Japanese Koi fish breeders. Not only can we order the perfect fish for your koi pond, we deliver koi fish too!

Pond Installation

With both a pond installation crew and a pond maintenance crew, we are able to handle any and all of your water gardening needs!

Pond Maintenance

Outdoor ponds do require maintenance in order to keep them clear, healthy and beautiful at all times. With the right filter and pump, this could take as little as 10 minutes per week.

Koi Pond Design

Koi fish ponds are our favorite outdoor water feature to build! Our expertise is in creating serene watergardens and ponds with cascading waterfalls that are best suited for koi fish in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT).

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