The Bonsai Shack is the tri-state areas largest and most complete bonsai nursery. We carry a full line of bonsai supplies including : bonsai soil such as Akadama pumice Lava and many other imported Japanese soils like aoki and kunuma we also carry our own blend of bonsai soil known as the chubby mix which is guaranteed to grow award-winning trees. We carry a complete line of bonsai fertilizer including Bio gold. We have many different price points for complete sets of stainless steel and carbon Bonsai tools as well as individual tools. We carry a full line of copper Bonsai wire as well as aluminum Bonsai wire in all sizes. We have a huge selection of Bonsai pots in our newly built Pot Shack and carry many high-end imported Japanese pots as well as Japanese and Chinese production pots We also have Hundreds of plastic and Mika training pots.

We Carry the essential Bonsai supplies such as CutPaste raffia insecticide fungicide tools for re-potting as well as watering and we have a large selection of Bonsai and Japanese gardening books. And no bonsai nursery could be complete without those crazy Mudmen.