Pond Supplies

Koi Nets & Pond Net & Skimmers


Whether it be for Koi handling or pond maintenance, a good koi net will enable you to catch your Koi quickly, easily and safely. The main objective in using a koi net is to cause as little stress as possible to the fish. After all, they are out of water! In general, you want to try to get the largest net head size possible (relative to your pond and fish) without making it too difficult to maneuver the net through the water to catch the fish.

Koi Net Specifics

Nets and skimmers come in many sizes and depths, and some have covers around the outter rim to best protect the Koi during handling. As long as you can safely hold the Koi in the net, it should be fine. We can help you choose the ideal net or skimmer for your Koi and pond, just ask!

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